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VIOLENT NOMAD - what we try to achieve...

Violent Nomad is NOT again yet another "self-defense system". Violent Nomad, in a nutshell, is a competition for tactical security operators, be it police, military, special forces, security companies and contractors, or private fight clubs and self-defense schools. We created a set of competition rules which are designed to re-create and simulate real-life scenarios, as encountered by above mentioned security operators. This includes what is commonly known as "street fights"; security operators often have to survive such brutal, short combats which involve extreme violence and use of weapons.

Thus, Violent Nomad is thus not a sport, not a sports competition. Our events are about TACTICAL CLOSE COMBAT and COMBAT SURVIVAL. In this environment, operators use WEAPONS as a first choice. We are about TRUE MARTIAL ART, and true martial art is about SOLDIERS AND POLICE - about TACTICAL CLOSE COMBAT. Such operators always use weapons in tactical activities, unarmed combat is only last-resort, and any real special forces operator will confirm this. So, VIOLENT NOMAD is about the TRUE MARTIAL ART, the art of war, the art of survival in real combat. This has nothing to do with sports events such as MMA or UFC and the like. In fact, about EVERYTHING that is EXCLUDED in MMA, Thai, Kickboxing, UFC etc. is INCLUDED in VIOLENT NOAMD. We want to demonstrate to the world the REAL martial art of today.



JOIN VIOLENT NOMAD and become part of the True Martial art movement...

In order to engage in VIOLENT NOMAD competitions, the tactical fighters must of course use special training and combat weapons, and protective equipment. They will very soon also find out - in case of those participants who come from private fight clubs, for instance - that it is a TOTALLY different animal to fight in a tactical enviroment, as opposed to sports competitions! When your opponent holds a machete, a tomahawk or a shovel, you can forget about high kicks very quickly, for instance, or you will pay the price... up until directly before the individual fight, our participants won't know WHICH weapon they will have to use for that fight, or which weapon the opponent will use, they need to know ALL weapons and how to handle them and defend against them. In a street fight situation, this is what happens. You will have to ADAPT in a second in order to survive.

VIOLENT NOMAD invites ANY and ALL TRUE MARTIAL ARTISTS to join - in the sense of our rules and goals - and to participate in our competitions. Whatever your training has been up until now - in a security company, police or any branch of military, or from a more sports combat angle - we are happy to accept you in our ranks. Join Violent Nomad, and let's find out WHO is the best tactical fighter, and which is the BEST TEAM of tactical combat and Combat Survival. We want to bring as many of the best tactical fighter as possible together, in order to advance tactical fighting, in order for us all to LEARN from each other and to come closer as an international community for more security, and at the same time to present to the world in an entertaining way, by means of cage fights and tournaments, what TRUE martial art today really is! JOIN US NOW if these goals appeal to you!

More info about the competitions

Since our tactical combat is to reflect reality, we try to exclude as few technqiues or attacks as possible; we want the fighters to go all out, fight dirty and fight REAL. Of course, in order to be able to do that they need to wear protective equipment, some is mandatory, some is optional. We are VERY MUCH about SAFETY for the combatants, the risk for injury in our fights is not higher than that of MMA fights and the like. Registered participants of VIOLENT NOMAD will receive the detailed combat rules and training recommendations, as well as the opportunity to attend training camps in order to fully comprehend the rules of engagement, use of equipment and weapons and so forth. YOU MUST TAKE THE RULES SERIOUS in order to avoid disqualification!

While in your individual training in your club or with your team you may use any training weapons you feel safe with, all fighters have to use the official Violent Nomad competitions weapons during the competition fights in order to guarantee the safety of all concerned. We simply cannot check each individual weapon of each fighter for safety before a fight. Thus, official Violent Nomad weaponry must be used for the fights. These weapons serve a second purpose, however, which is to help determine valid strikes and thus points: the official weapons leave colored marks, the fighters use different colors; thus the referres can quickly ascertain if a fighter actually made a valid strike or not, and award points accordingly

There is a large variety of possible weapons available: edged weapons such as knives, machetes, swords; blunt force weapons such as clubs; long-range weapons such as sticks, canes or umbrellas; and other weapons such as axes, shovels and more. In certain team events, guns with laser guided targeting is being used. As said above, for combats only the official weapons are allowed. For your personal training, we strongly advise you to use trainers which are safe and won't cause injury to you or your partners! We only want responsible participants, reckless behavior will not be tolerated. The fights are to be realistic, hard, tough... but all fights will take place under strict rules of safety! There is another aspect to this: as in real life, the fighters need to be ready for ANYTHING, and will thus need to be versed with ALL the weapons mentioned.

Parallel to the cage fights, VIOLENT NOMAD also includes Combat Survival and TEAM TACTICS. The participants will face realistic scenarios, though simulated, with tactical assigments they have to solve, such as combat survival (very like SERE training for instance) where they need to show survival skills of various sorts, and team events where a team of operators faces tactical scenarios such as breaches, clear a premise, or rescue missions. The participants/teams will score points according to their performance, which is important for ranking in the Violent Nomad League. Besides honor and fame, there are trophies and there is price money to be won...
Trainers, Promoters
VIOLENT NOMAD also invites trainers, clubs, and promoters to join. If you want to acquire a license in order to enter as a club or if you wish to organize Violent Nomad events at your venue or town, you are welcome to contacts us! This will be an excellent promotion FOR YOUR CLUB, too!
Of course, we will need avid and serious REFEREES, too. Our licensed referees will be renumerated for their service, travel expenses paid. Impartial and enthusiastic referees are very important to us. If this could interest you, please contact us today.
Sponsors, Partners
VIOLENT NOMAD will be some of the most noted tactical combat events ever, and both cage fights and tournaments will attract not only thousands of participants worldwide, but also millions of viewers, both at live events and watching the events live on TV and/or via online streaming.
Our sponsors and partners from the world of security and combats sports will find the perfect plattform for product placement, advertising, PR and marketing. Very soon we will begin offering various packages and offers to that end to our sponsors and partner.
Please do contact us today if you feel that your products would make a perfect fit and you wish to present them to our audience and participants. Any product related to combat sports and security will find the right kind of potential clientel at VIOLENT NOMAD events!


Cage Fights and Tournaments these are the available categories:

These are hand-to-hand combats in the style of a cage fight. Anything goes... you will see vicious street fight attacks and skilled, efficient tactical close combat. As few moves as possible will be excluded, you will see attacks that are FORBIDDEN in MMA and UFC, in fact, VIOLENT NOMAD mainly uses those moves that others fights exclude... but all will happen in controlled settings and with protective equipment. WHO will be the top tactical fighter? Let's find it out...

Tactical close combat and street fights involve weapons of all sorts. There is NO TRUE martial art without weapons, as martial mean "connected with war" - and all soldiers and elite units from police, security and military use weapons. Empty hand fighting is only a last resort ond NOT the focus of elite soldiers - any real special forces member will agree to that. So we put the use of weapons in the center of VIOLENT NOMAD fights. Knives, sticks, machetes, clubs, canes, axes, shovels... even umbrellas or torch lights - you will see ANY AND ALL weapons in our fights. This is also what street fight is like: expect ANYTHING and be able to use EVERYTHING.

Tactical Teams Events are the VIOLENT NOMAD categories for realistisc simulated combat situations, the daily bread-and-butter of eliete units from police, military and private security. The teams will encounter simulated settings and be tasked to breach rooms, rescue hostages, clear rooms and such scenarios that elite units face every day. The teams will be rated according to their performance and awarded points by true-life elite operators. This is true combat action!

In many situations - riots, civil war etc. - combat survival is inevitable. Elite military units and also private security operators may very well face dangerous situations in foreign countries where they are being forced to get out of danger, hide away, reach safety somewhere and in short SURVIVE on their own, in the wilderness or in a city. We call the skills in order to do that COMBAT SURVIVAL. The individuals or team will be tasked to perform such skills, score points, and they will be judged by true elite unit operators.


Are you a tactical fighter? join uns now!

Members of any of the official security forces, worldwide - law enforcement, anti riot units, paramilitary forces or military - are as welcome as members of private security companies, contractors or any fight club, martial arts club, and also individual can apply. Contact us NOW and become member of the worldwide VIOLENT NOMAD tactical close combat community!

As VIOLENT NOMAD, you need not participate in cage fights or tournaments right away. Start training according to our fight rules, and you will step by step get closer to the skills needed in order to participate in the competitions. Trainers, promoters, partner and sponsors are also invited to become licensed partners of Violent Nomad.


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Many people in the security business and martials arts community are talking about "the best system" and discuss this until they're blue in the face... we do not believe that there is a "best system" per se BUT we believe that for certain purposes (be that ART, or SPORTS, or street fihgt and tactical combat) there are strategies more useful than others, for that particular purpose. However, no discussion will ever produce better results that COMPETITION. That is why we want to bring together ANY AND ALL security operators - private companies, police , military or fight clubs - who feel they can contribute good tactical close combat knowledge and skills. These competitions are for the VIOLENT NOMAD - the top skilled close combat tactical fighter. An army of one... VIOLENT NOMAD. Do you have any questions or which to communicate with us? Please send us a message by use of the contact form below.

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